Thursday, July 17, 2014

La Pasta World: Impressive Italian in India

Going to make a bold statement: on two recent (yes, consecutive) evenings spent at La Pasta World in Pondicherry, India, the tiny restaurant's open kitchen churned out some of the best pasta I've ever had. I've been to Italy, I live in New York and I love me some pasta – clearly I'm the most qualified pasta judge in all the land. La Pasta World is magic. 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Almost Certainly Singapore's Best Wurst

**DISCLAIMER: Just because I'm writing about German food during the USA v Germany World Cup game doesn't mean my soccer allegiances are towards my semi-European heritage. I do love a good German meal, though.

Charlie had some serious food poisoning in Malaysia and by the time we left Malaka for Singapore, we were ready for some Western food. But by Western food, I don't mean the awful pizza and pasta you can get in any tourist destination in the region. I mean sausages. German ones. Ironically located in one of Singapore's iconic hawker centers where almost 100% of stalls sling Asian food, Erich's Wuerstelstand provides just that: German classics as offered by the country's next-door neighbor, Austria. Erich's premise may seem out of place, but he's actually got a real corner on the market considering his claim that his is the last sausage kiosk before the equator. That's hard to contest.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Bali's Famous Babi Guling

India has changed my relationship with food. While in Bali about two months ago I was prepared and pumped to search for good local dishes like babi guling, now I kind of just dread meal time because I know that after one bite I'll be full and kind of want to vom, then for the next few hours I'll have indigestion. It's a good time here in India, you should all try it! I mean, of course there have been some really nice things to eat, but right about now my cravings are only for things like a McDonalds hamburger (no beef in India, though) and, like, that chili/cream cheese/cheddar dip that your mom serves with tortilla chips. SO that's where we stand currently. 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tek Sen Restaurant: Great Chinese in Penang

George Town is about eating, so if you happen to wander past Tek Sen and see that they have an empty table, don't even consider whether you're hungry or not. Just sit down. It's for the best. We did so during lunch time when we were in Malaysia last month and although other customers protested that we didn't have a reservation, we were whisked to a metal table in the back of the restaurant and given menus. If Tek Sen is open, it's busy.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Backpacking Komodo by Boat

Komodo dragons are creatures that you see in zoos but don't really think about where they're from. Well, Komodo, of course, but that could be anywhere. To me, at least. I was probably alone in my ignorance of where Komodo actually is in the world, but until I started researching possible stops in Indonesia, it didn't all come together for me. But then, when it did and I heard tales of a four day boat trip to these mystical islands teeming with giant lizards and manta rays, I instantly knew we needed to go. I needed to convince Charlie, though, because all he could visualize was a sinking boat (his vision was backed up by articles from a recent incident, but we ultimately managed to look forward instead of to the past. It helped that our boat stayed within sight of land for the whole trip. And that our crew was superstitious).

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Malaysia's Ramly Burgers are Life Changing

Ramly burgers have changed my life (and my waistline, but let's focus on life, k?). People would probably generally tell you to focus on the diverse Chinese, Indian and Malay food in Malaysia, but I'm here to tell you to focus on burgers. Ramly burgers. Focus on at least one Ramly burger in each city you go to and then decide if you should refocus on other versions of Ramly burgers in those same cities. 
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