Thursday, January 20, 2011

Is that to stay or to go?

So, lately I've been really into learning how to make great meals and working on my cooking technique. I'm also a bit of a good food addict, and I find myself gushing over Yelp reviews often.  Theres nothing I love more than a great meal at an interesting restaurant, and I thought a blog would be the perfect platform for me to record my cooking conquests and restaurant discoveries!  As much as I loved recording my travels on my Second Hand News blog, I just did not think that it was the right outlet to start writing about food, so voila! 'To Stay or to Go?' is born.

Over the holiday I was lucky to go visit my boyfriend Charlie in London, and of course was able to have some great meals, homecooked as well as in restaurants such as Soho's Koya and Banh Mi Bay near Holborn.  I should have some posts and pictures up about these soon!  I'll also post about a few meals that I have made or helped make in the recent past, and maybe some recipes.

One thing you should know about me is that I am obsessed with noodles, and have spent many weekend days last semester just going down to Ramen houses in the East Village.  Koya in London was a great place for Udon, and I hope to try Ippudo in the East Village soon (hopefully this weekend).  I'll definitely be documenting my love affair with noodles here, and I'll have to get over my embarrassment of taking pictures of food in restaurants so I can have some good images for you!

I'm really excited about starting this blog because for Christmas I got not 1 but 3 cookbooks, and I can't wait to start experimenting!  I've found that through the last 3.5 years at Fordham I have learned a lot of practical knowledge about media and the world in general, but I have lacked in the marketable skill of cooking.  Now that I am no longer going to be a student and eating ramen is no longer acceptable, it's time for me to get cooking!

I hope that you will comment with any advice that could help me learn!  My mom, Charlie, and of course Jamie Oliver have been my best helpers so far, but trust me, I need as much advice as I can get!

These are my Christmas cookbooks, there are some great recipes I can't wait to try!

As a last note, I have added a cool little tool to my blog called Apture.  Apture allows you to easily get extra information about anything I have mentioned in a post!  All you have to do is highlight a bit of any word, and click 'Learn More.'  A small new window will pop up with info from Google, Wikipedia, and other sites, and you can take it from there!  Try it with one of the restaurant names I have mentioned!  Also, if you are a gmail user, follow me!  Just click Follow at the top left hand of the blog and you'll receive updates when I add a new post!


Kenny Kane said...

Om Nom Nom. Looking forward to your Chinatown reviews.

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