Wednesday, February 9, 2011

North Dumpling

Yesterday while on a trip to take photos in Chinatown, I could not resist the temptation of trying North Dumpling on Essex St. between Grand and Hester.  I have read a bunch recently online about different Chinatown eateries in the spirit of the Chinese New Year, and I have heard from various sites that the dumplings at China North are some of the best and are super cheap.  Marissa and I ordered the chive and pork steamed dumplings, which came 8 for $2.00, the Chinese vegetable and pork steamed dumplings, also 8 for $2.00, and the scallion pancakes which were 2 for $1.00.
The place is tiny and has only two tables and a counter on the wall, and I heard to avoid it during the after school hours because it gets packed, but we were lucky to get a table with no problem.  It took a few minutes for them to make the dumplings so we started with the pancakes which were delicious.  I had never had anything like them before.  They were quite large and filled with scallions, glass vermicelli, and eggs.  They were not overly salty and the dough was a perfectly golden and soft in the middle.  We ate them quickly with the soy sauce that was on the table.
The dumplings came out steaming hot.  The dough was a good thickness, not too chewy like some dumplings from take out chinese.  The pork and chive filling was very tasty, again not overly salty, and very juicy to bite into.  They were great with a bit of soy sauce and sriracha hot sauce.  I was a bit disappointed though because we could not notice any difference between the chive and Chinese vegetable dumplings.  Maybe our order got lost in translation, or maybe there really is only one kind of steamed dumpling that they pass off as whatever you ask for.  Who knows, but either way, they are great.
Next time I would definitely want to try the vegetable and meat buns and maybe the sesame pancakes, but I think I will try some other dumpling places before I make it back to China North, to see if these are really the best!

North Dumpling: 27 Essex St. between Grand and Hester Streets (212) 529-2760


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