Saturday, February 19, 2011

Jamie's Bloody Mary Mussels

Last week while Charlie was here we wanted to try a recipe from my Jamie Oliver book, and we chose the Bloody Mary Mussels.  The recipe required mussels, (obv.) tomato sauce, horseradish, worcestershire sauce, garlic, celery, a green chili, parsley, lemon juice, vodka, and port.  We got the mussels from one of the local seafood stores on Arthur Ave., and got a nice loaf of sesame semolina from Madonia Brothers.  All of the ingredients basically just got chopped up and mixed together, and the mussels were added to the hot sauce in a large pot.  The recipe was really easy and I love mussels.  Charlie and I ate at the Essex Restaurant in December and he had the curry mussels.  They were delicious, and I would like to try to make my own some time.
Neither of us had ever cooked mussels, so we were a bit iffy about how long to cook them, and the first time we tried them we could tell they were a bit underdone because some of them were still quite difficult to open.  We put them back on for a few more minutes until they opened up a bit further, and then they were perfect!  The sauce was really nice and had a good bite to it from the chili and horseradish and was really tasty with the bread.  The dish wasn't my top choice from Jamie's book, but it was really tasty and I would do it again!  
I went to Moby's restaurant Teany today with Annmarie and Emily so I'll be writing about that soon!  BUT I also wanted to share a little discovery I made yesterday at the cafe in the new buildings at Fordham.  I haven't really tried any of the food there besides their egg sandwiches but I saw some interesting frozen vegan dishes from a company called Macro Vegetarian and decided to try the hunan dumplings.  I fried them for a few minutes and ate them with peanut sauce and soy sauce, and they were really quite good!  They have others like vegan Pad Thai and I would definitely give them a try.  The packages are about $5.99 but they last for 2 or 3 meals so I think it's worth it!  Anyone know anything about Macro Vegetarian?


GrlsGotStyle said...

TeaNY is AWESOME! If you had a good time, we should go together some time :)

Mary Coyle said...

I LOVE mussels and this post made my mouth water...great pics!

Elspeth said...

Thanks! You can probably find the exact recipe online-- it was really easy to make!

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