Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More Mobile Korean Grill Please

Yesterday I finally stalked down the Korilla truck that I have been drooling over the online menu of for the last month.  A note about the origins of my Korean bbq burrito dreams: I saw the truck advertised on Facebook-- guess social media marketing does work.  But anyway, Charlie and I trekked to Varick and Vandam Sts., the truck's Tuesday location, and waited on line for about 15 minutes.  The truck's aroma was mouthwatering and these 15 minutes were quite torturous.  There is a menu with suggested combinations for burritos, tacos, and chosun bowls, but really you just walk across the truck and tell each line worker what you would like to add to your creation.  I ended up with a burrito with spicy pork, kimchi bacon fried rice, tomato salsa, jack cheese, kimchi slaw, lettuce, kBBQ sauce, and Korilla Aioli sauce.  Charlie ended up with the same but with bulgogi (ribeye steak) instead of pork.  We paid a man in the front seat of the truck who rung the orders up on an iPad.

We walked over one block and sat on sunny benches to dig into our lunch.  Basically, this was the best burrito I've ever had.  I'm hesitant to say this because it is not a true tex-mex burrito, but I guess in a multicultural burrito world, this Korilla burrito takes the cake.  It was perfectly spicy and the aioli was amazing, while the lettuce and kimchi slaw kept it cool.
I definitely recommend Korilla as a lunch option to anyone looking for a unique, casual meal, especially if you don't mind the idea of eating out of a truck on the side of the road (the truck is in a different spot every day, and is not operational on the weekends.)  Also, don't be afraid to try kimchi!  By the sounds of the girls on the line behind us, if you've never heard of it it could be a bit daunting, but all it is is spiced, fermented vegetables such as cabbage, radishes, or cucumbers.

In the post below you can see a mobile picture of the truck at Varick and Vandam.  I also want to remind everyone that my blog has a cool tool called Apture.  Whenever you want more info on anything I mention, all you have to do is highlight a term from the text and click "learn more."  A window will pop up with info from Google and Wikipedia, and you can take it from there!

Korilla BBQ:, Check site for daily locations. 


cgalante said...

This food looks amazing! If I wanted to try it, how do I know where to find the truck if it is in a new location everyday? Do they have some type of schedule?

Also, the Apture feature is really cool!

Elspeth said...

Just check the website! They have a schedule of where they are each day. Enjoy!

Nick said...

Elspeth, you find such good stuff!

Elspeth said...

Thanks! You have to try Korilla!

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