Monday, February 21, 2011


After learning that it was musician Moby's restaurant and that it had a huge list of teas, I stuck Teany right on my list of places to go.  Really, it's his ex-girlfriend's restaurant which he co-owned until sometime in 2009, according to Wikipedia, but I still had dreams of seeing him there.  On Saturday I finally got there with Annmarie and Emily for lunch.  We arrived around 3:30pm and the small space was packed, but we did not have to wait for more than 10 minutes before we had a table.  Teany is a completely vegetarian restaurant, and on the menu many of the dishes are indicated as being able to be vegan.  We ordered two tea pots to share at the table-- a juniper and red currant, and a Moroccan mint with jasmine.  It was an extra $2.00 to share the two pots between three people, but I guess that's understandable.
I ordered the Turkey, Apple and Brie Baguette, above.  I knew that the turkey would be vegetarian but I guess I was feeling extra adventurous and I ordered it (maybe it was just because I was bit of a zombie after Friday night.)  The bread was really nice and fresh but I didn't love the sandwich basically because of the turkey.  No disrespect to vegetarians, but I guess I'm more of a real meat fan.  There were many other meatless items on the menu that I would have liked to try as well, and I will not be discounting the experience just because I chose the wrong dish. 

Emily ordered the veggie burger, below, and Annmarie ordered the Edamame Hummus Salad, also below.  I tried the hummus and it was delicious.  I just love how colorful the salad was.  Emily said her burger was really nice-- I thought the bread it came on was so cute.  The portions were a good size for a tea house, and were probably about right for how much the dishes cost.

All in all I really enjoyed Teany and I would definitely go back.  It has a great location on the Lower East side and is also quite reasonably priced (we each spent an average of 15 dollars including tax and tip.)  It was perfect for a day spent shopping around the area, and I also got to scope out a few other restaurants that seemed interesting.  Has anyone ever heard of Bunny Chow, the South African dish or the restaurant on Orchard St.?

teany: 90 Rivington St. between Orchard and Ludlow Sts. (212) 475-9190


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