Thursday, March 3, 2011

Frito Burrito

Many of you who know me probably know that I love Taco Bell. Ecoli scare? Controversy over meat ingredients? Whatever; I have remained loyal. I've been drooling over the commercial on television for the beefy crunch burrito for about a month now, and tonight, in Penn Station after a Get Up Kids concert, I have finally fulfilled my trashy fast food desires.

And? It was good. Really good. The dirty details escape my memory, but I bet it had rice. I know it had beef, and lots of cheese. It was crunchy, true to its name, from spicy fritos dutifully placed throughout (could have used a few more.) It had taco bell sour cream. I hate taco bell sour cream because its not even close to real sour cream. I can tell its from a tube. I don't even like real sour cream usually, but I can definitely tolerate it over taco bell sour cream.

Through my conversation with a faithful Penn Station Taco Bell employee, I learned that due to the demand of T Bell from drunk Penn dwellers, the prices are higher (a crunchwrap costs 3 dollars more than in Queens.) To be honest, I guess I couldn't expect much more from a place where I saw a transvestite and a homeless man dance to a jazz band about 4 hours ago.  

Only in New York.

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Greg Iacurci said...

Taco Bell was my jam as a kid! I think your post may have just resparked my childhood craving.

Diana said...

One of the many things that start to slip the older you get is your ability to handle greasy amazing delicious food like taco bell. But even to this day I torment my stomach prob once a month with a couple of chalupas (extra fire sauce) God bless the debacle that is "Mexican" American fast food.
Your Cousin

Catherine said...

I love Taco Bell and am guilty of stopping by the Penn Station location stone cold sober while I wait for my train home to NJ. Definitely have to try this one.

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