Friday, March 25, 2011

Everyone is writing...

...about Doughnut Plant.  Danny from Food in Mouth, the girls at Blondie and Brownie, and even the New York Times have recently raved over the homemade doughnuts at the Plant, and the store has even seen the opening of a new location in Chelsea.  Well, I can't resist anymore.  I hate to be that girl saying "um, I was there like way before anyone else knew about it," but after seeing the doughnuts in Dean and Deluca on the Upper East Side this morning, I can no longer hold my peace.
Charlie and I visited the tiny Lower East Side location of Doughnut Plant when he was here in December.  I had seen a segment on the Travel Channel about the Plant, and knowing how much Charlie likes doughnuts, I figured we should check it out.  We got there late in the day, probably around 5, and were kind of deflated to see that they didn't have much left in the way of selection.  We only split one doughnut since it was close to dinner time and I think it was the Tres Leches but I can't really remember.  I do remember that we both thought it was good.  

What I remember much more clearly is the conversation that we had with the cashier.  Upon hearing that Charlie was British, the man, apparently from an island in the Caribbean, went on to playfully give him a bit of a hard time for colonization and slavery on the islands back in the day.  It was almost the Boxing Day holiday, so the man went into a description of what Boxing Day meant to his people on the islands -- a day off from serving the Queen. 

Anyway, after hearing so much about Doughnut Plant recently, I definitely want to give it another try.  I like the sound of their peanut butter-crusted blackberry jam-filled square doughnut.  When I give in to the hype and make another trip there, I'll let ya know.

Doughnut Plant: 379 Grand St. between Essex and Norfolk. (212) 505-3700


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