Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Hurricane Club

By Alicia Bozzone

My friend Alicia recently had a meal at The Hurricane Club and asked me to publish her review of it.  Check out her entertainment blog, ET-ZZONE!

Being a college kid on a strict and usually broke budget it is hard to remember that there is a world of fine restaurants out there waiting to be discovered.  Being a student in NYC fine dining is not always at the top of my list; it’s more about getting the bang for your buck and finding awesome drink specials for us.  However, recently one of my roommates Gina has taken up a job as a waitress at one of the newest hot spots in fine dining The Hurricane Club and sparked my interest in exploring high quality eateries.  Ever since Gina started waiting at The Hurricane Club I have heard nothing but AMAZING things.  From the décor to the Pan-Asian fusion dishes to the exotic drinks it all sounded to die for.  Fortunately, my other roommate Allie’s mom was in town recently and wanted to try The Hurricane Club out for herself after hearing such rave reviews.  Allie’s mom graciously brought Allie, myself and some other of our friends out to dinner so that we might have the chance to sample the amazing food that this high-end restaurant has to offer.  
Walking into The Hurricane Club is like walking into a club more than a sit-down restaurant.  The music is booming, the décor is modern and chic, and there are a million waiters bouncing around serving fabulous looking New Yorkers.  I felt like I was in an old school episode of Sex and the City upon walking in and being seated at a candle-lit table in the midst of random fern leaves, and crystal chandeliers.  The wait-staff was extremely helpful and efficient and our waiter explained to us that we should all choose 2 or 3 entrees to split between the table so that we were able to sample as many of the interesting dishes on the menu as possible.  For the table we ordered Shanghai Lobster Noodles Fra Diavolo, Cashew Chicken, Croque Monsieur Spring Rolls, The Club’s Coconut Shrimp and a Flowering Shrimp Wrap.  With that said there were a plethora of meals to sample and with every bite I found a new favorite dish!  While the Shanghai Lobster Noodles Fra Diavolo was a close second, my favorite dish had to have been The Club’s Coconut Shrimp.  Usually I am opposed to coconut shrimp and never ever do I order it out at a restaurant; that’s how I knew The Hurricane Club food was awesome, I actually liked something that I usually cringe at the sight of!  As for everything else, it packed a punch of flavor and my entire table cleaned our plates and could not pass up the Banana Crème Brule for dessert.  It was one of the most delicious and unique dining experiences I have ever had!  
I suggest The Hurricane Club for a fancy date or when your parents are in town visiting to take you out to a nice dinner, or else, save up, because it is definitely not cheap!  Even if you grab some appetizers or just a quick drink at the ornate bar, The Hurricane Club is a hot spot you should definitely check out if you are in the mood to dress up and hit NYC!  It is located on Park Ave at 26th Street and it is suggested that you make reservations before hand because it gets packed!  
Here is a link to the restaurants homepage; make sure to check out the history of The Hurricane Club, it’s got a great story!  


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