Sunday, April 17, 2011

Nicky's Vietnamese Sandwiches and an Ensuing Food Crawl

Charlie and I headed down to Ave A and 2nd St. today to have banh mi at Nicky's Vietnamese Sandwiches.   We both ordered the original sandwich with pate, ground pork, pork slices, carrots, cucumbers and cilantro on a white baguette.  The sandwiches were a bit smaller than the ones at Banh Mi Saigon and also a little more expensive at $5.00 each.  Yet we were both pleased with the taste and especially the baguette itself.  I thought the bread was nicely crusty while still fluffy on the inside.  There was a good amount of meat on each sandwich however there was no daikon and not a lot of cilantro, which led to less of the signature explosive banh mi flavor.  The pate was nice but we also missed the roast pork pieces from Saigon.  I tried to get a bubble tea but unfortunately they were out of bubble.  I had the lemonade though and I definitely recommend it.

We were satisfied and full enough from the sandwiches and we headed down to the Lower East Side. We stopped in Cocoa Bar on Clinton St. for some coffee.  They had lots of different chocolates and little pieces of free brownies to try which was nice.  We both got an iced coffee, and I was surprised to see that the ice cubes were made of coffee.  I thought that was ingenious, but on second thought, I realized that I kind of like having regular ice cubes to water down my coffee and prevent the huge caffeine buzz I sometimes get.

We walked further down Clinton and stumbled on Prosperity Dumpling, which I have read about online.  We couldn't resist 4 fried pork and chive dumplings for a dollar.  They were tasty but I thought the dough wrappers were a little thick.  
Then Charlie wanted a doughnut from Doughnut Plant.  We waited on a line out the door for 20 minutes.  They didn't have any peanut glazed ones left, so we ended up with just a sugar glazed strawberry jelly doughnut.  As you can see, he loved it.  However, I'm not sure it was worth the wait and $3.00.

Nicky's Vietnamese Sandwiches: 150 E. 2nd St. between Ave A and B. (212) 388-1088

Prosperity Dumpling: 69 Clinton St. between Stanton and Rivington Sts., also a location on Eldridge St.

Doughnut Plant: 379 Grand St. between Essex and Norfolk. (212) 505-3700


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