Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pure Thai Shophouse

On Thursday night Charlie and I went for dinner at Pure Thai Shophouse around 6pm.  I had read that it was one of the best Thai places in Hells Kitchen and that the food is all really fresh.  We arrived to see a tiny little space with closely spaced tables and a counter down the wall.  There was a station in the front where some of the food was made in plain sight. 
Charlie and I ordered two starters to share-- the crispy shrimp sesame crepe and the chicken curry puffs, both $6.  The crepe was a flattened dough with shrimp mousse, sesame seeds and a lime wedge on each slice.  When eaten in one bite, the lime wedge was a nice compliment to each slice.  We also enjoyed the curry puffs, but we both agreed that we could not decipher the difference between the ingredients.  We couldn't taste any chicken, but the filling did seem quite potatoe-y, and the puffs were tasty when dipped in the pickled vegetables and sauce that was provided on the plate.
For our mains, I ordered the Ratchaburi Crab and Pork Dry Noodle, and Charlie ordered a special of the day called Pad Khing.  My noodles were kind of sticky but after mixed in with the little bit of sweet liquid at the bottom they were nice.  The pork was tender and tasty, and the crab seemed fresh and fluffy.  However, I thought there could have been more crabmeat in the dish.  Charlie's dish had shrimp and calamari with mixed vegetables and came with rice.  The wok stir-fried seafood and vegetables seemed fresh and were nicely prepared in a sweet, soy-saucy marinade.
Ratchaburi Crab and Pork
Pad Khing

We were surprised at how cheap the food was; my dish was $9 and Charlies was around $12.  We each had a beer or two, and our check came to around $50.  For fresh, delicious, seafood dishes, I think most people will agree that this is not a bad price-tag.  We left satisfied.  However, we were dismayed to realize that for the next day and a half we both felt minor effects of food poisoning/sickness.  I mean, it was nothing crazy, life-threatening or excruciating, but we have deduced that our minor discomfort was most likely from this restaurant.  I have not read any other reviews citing sickness, so maybe this was a freak ocurrance.  SO, I still recommend the place, but enjoy the delicious food at Pure Thai Shophouse at your own risk.

Pure Thai Shophouse:  764 9th Ave. between 51st and 52nd.  (212) 581-0999


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