Friday, April 1, 2011

Rickshaw Dumpling Truck

Yesterday for lunch I got dumplings at Rickshaw, which is parked right outside of my office on most weekdays at 50th and 6th.  I got the special: peking duck, chive and napa cabbage dumplings with hoisin dipping sauce.  The duck was locally grown in the Hudson Valley which was nice.  It was $6 for 6 dumplings which is a lot compared to other dumpling spots further downtown, but you cant get lunch in midtown for any less really.  I was pleased with Rickshaw's dumplings-- the dough was nice and thin and the filling was really tasty.  They weren't juicy on the inside though like at North Dumpling, which would have been a nice addition.  At the Rickshaw truck they only have 3 or 4 dumpling choices and a few sides daily, but at their store on 23rd they have more variety, like wild American shrimp or chicken saag dumplings.  Their store is actually a few doors down from where I interned last semester.. why didn't I know that until now?

Rickshaw Dumpling Bar: 61 w. 23rd st., with several daily truck locations.  (212) 924-9220


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