Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bian Dang

I finally got the chance to try the Bian Dang Taiwanese food truck that is outside of my office on Mondays.  I have been thinking about it for a while but for some reason Mondays have never worked for me until now.  I ordered their Taiwanese style fried chicken over rice with pork sauce and a zong-zi, which is sort of like a Chinese tamale: glutinous rice stuffed with peanuts, dried shrimp, pork, chinese sausage, green beans, radish, mushrooms and szechuan veggies, wrapped in bamboo leaves.  
I really enjoyed the fried chicken although it was a bit messy for a desk lunch.  The chicken skin was crispy and delicious, but the best part of the dish was the pork sauce and pickled veggies over the rice.  The brown pork sauce was salty deliciousness and I saw on the menu that to order extra only costs $1.  I wasn't a huge fan of the zong-zi and I wouldn't order it from Bian Dang again.  I expected it to have so much more flavor since it has so many fillers, but really it was just super sticky, bland rice with a few unidentifiable pieces of stuffing.

I have seen that many people on yelp have said that they do not think the chicken or pork dishes are worth $8 at Bian Dang, but I think that for a midtown lunch the price really isn't too bad.  I would definitely try the pork chop over rice next time.  Bian Dang has a location in Food Gallery 32 in Koreatown as well which I have been wanting to get to all semester.  Maybe this summer.

Sorry for the cell-phone pictures,  I have to start bringing my camera to work just in case a good meal arises!

Bian Dang: See site for daily truck locations, or visit Food Gallery 32 at 11 W. 32nd St.


Nick said...

The cellphone pics look fine. I have to try some Taiwanese food now!

Elspeth said...

Glad to see you're still reading prof. Leshi!

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