Friday, May 13, 2011

Midtown Lunch Heaven

I don't know how I didn't know about Cafe Duke on 51st between 6th and 7th until yesterday.  Midtown is lunch hell when it comes to prices, lines, and quality of food for cheap and I usually find myself eating at Bocca on 50th or in the Time Inc. Cafeteria. yummm (yeah right. although the Pad Thai there last week wasn't too bad.. but we'll talk about Pad THAI later..) So anyway I was going to head down to Bocca for sushi when my boss suggested I try Duke.  When I stepped in the doors my life changed forever.  It is Asian lunch food paradise.  I might as well be Asian for the amount of sushi, ramen, and Korilla truck I have eaten this semester anyway.  Duke's has everything from hot food tables which I did not really explore to a great sushi selection, ramen and udon made to order, sandwiches, pizzas, and even Korean food made to order.  Needless to say as I walked in the door I wanted to cry out of disbelief, happiness, and the overwhelming nature of the crowed food mecca, but I held my emotions in as best as possible to keep lookin' cool.  I circled around until I decided on a spicy shrimp roll (right in photo) and a thing of shumai (left).  The roll was typical but tasty, and the shumai (Japanese shrimp dumplings) were the best I have ever had.  They each had a little shrimp on top and were huge and delicious.  You won't pass your tiny shumai off on me anymore, Bocca. 

Yeah Duke's is kind of expensive, but if ya livin' in the corporate world (which I am pretending to although I only intern 3 days a week,) spring for it.  It's freakin delicious.  I'm trying the udon next.

Anyway, speaking of Thai food, I'm going to Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia in about two weeks.  Not only am I basically dying of excitement and nervousness and lack of funds, I am also unbelievably excited for the food, duh.  Look forward to photos of food, and just call me Anthony Bourdain.  

Oh and thanks to everyone for all of the blog compliments over the past few weeks!

Cafe Duke: 140 W. 51st St. between 6th and 7th (212) 455-0010


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