Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bubba's Burrito Bar

Bubba's has been a mainstay of Islip's main street for a few years now and I have been lucky enough that my sister has worked there on and off the whole time.  Bubba's gets mixed reviews throughout the community: people like it for being different from the other food options on main street and for its tasty and diverse tex-mex concoctions.  Others complain that the wait for food is too long and that some menu items are bland or over priced.  I have found that while Bubba's can be hit or miss, most of the time it is a fun, tasty and even social experience as you are bound to see like 8 people you know during the time that you wait for or eat your food.

My order at Bubba's varies but can range anywhere between a chicken or shrimp quesadilla or a Bub salad to a Land and Sea Burrito or my favorite, the shrimp taco.  I will take a bite of anything I can get when Emeline brings home her dinner after her shift.  

I have found that the chicken quesadillas in particular are very hit or miss because while the chicken is always marinated in teriyaki sauce as it is cooked, the degree of how much sauce is used always seems to vary, sometimes leaving a bland taste in the otherwise plain quesadilla.  The Land and Sea Burrito can also be on or off depending on the ratio of rice to steak and shrimp and baja sauce; I usually ask to add guacamole to the burrito which can counter an instance of too much rice.  The shrimp taco, however, always seems to be delicious with a perfect combination of shrimp, cabbage, pineapple and baja sauce and I usually order 2 or 3.

The other night Em brought home what I expected to be the holy grail of quesadillas, the lobster quesadilla.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was generously filled with pieces of lobster and avocados, but I found myself wondering where the cheese was.  Either way, anything with lobster is delicious (see lobster mac and cheese,) and I def enjoyed it.

Bubba's Burrito Bar: 513 Main St., Islip, NY 11751 (631) 650-6333


Nick said...

Another place I have to try. Thanks for the review!

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