Thursday, July 14, 2011

Clams Two Ways

Ah, the beauty of living near the water. Of course I mean the physical beauty but more importantly, I mean the culinary beauty.  One day last weekend I wanted to have clams for dinner, so I went to the local fish market and got fresh ones.  They were about $12 for two dozen at Whitecap.  Is that cheap or expensive?  I don't know.
I recently had steamed clams at a party at my friend Chelsea's house.  Her dad rakes his own clams out of the Great South Bay.  He threw them on the barbeque until they opened and served them with melted garlic butter.  I did the same, and they were delicious.
They took five to 10 minutes to open up.  Watch out, the shells are hot!
The next day, mom chopped up the leftovers and turned them into baked clams.  
Next time I go home for the weekend I will go crabbing.  I will boil the crabs until they turn red and I will love them.


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