Sunday, August 7, 2011

SONIC on the Homefront

We've all seen the commercials for Sonic for years and known that the drive-in burger chain did not exist in the Northeast.  Apparently Dairy Queen doesn't either.  A funny story: I once drove up to Dairy Barn on Long Island and asked where the nearest Dairy Queen was.  I was told Pennsylvania.
Anyway, Sonic has finally appeared on Long Island.  There were stories maybe last year about a new Sonic in New Jersey that caused traffic jams and car accidents, and I'm sure there was a similar case when the Deer Park, NY location opened last summer.  This was not the case, however, when Dad and I rolled up to the joint today.  A traffic director woman told us to pull into the handicapped spot which also happened to be the only spot uncovered by the shade-roof.
Dad ordered the a medium combo of the New York Hot Dog and Tots, and I got a medium combo of a Cheeseburger and fries.  Approximately five minutes later a young man skated up to our car with a tray and our food.  His name was Mike and he offered to skate back to home base and bring us ketchup, honey mustard and napkins.  Nice guy, really.

Unfortunately, the food sucked.  Dad's hot dog was cold and the bun was soggy from sauerkraut juice.  His suspicion was that the hotdog was pre-made thus having time to develop the sogg-factor.  His tater tots were SO salty.  
My burger was OK, but not amazing.  It was quite big in diameter but the patty was thin and dry.  The fries were the best part of the whole meal really;  they were thin-ish but a little thicker than McDonald's fries and had just the right amount of salt.
Besides the fries, we enjoyed the novelty of the waiters on roller-skates.  Don't think thats worth the drive to Deer Park and 800 calories, though.  

SONIC: 1380 Deer Park Ave., North Babylon, NY 11703 (631) 242-2700


Cait said...

Having gone to school in PA on the same block as a Sonic, I will not deny that the food is awful, but you can't dispute their shakes and slushies. They have a great selection on your menu, but you can also pick and choose your syrups to make your own kick-ass soda or iced tea. Plus they run a "happy hour" every afternoon for half-priced drink items. Try their banana cream shake--it doesn't let you down nearly as much as their chili-cheese tots will.

Elspeth said...

You're right, I didn't try any special drinks. I read on Foursquare that the iced tea is good... Maybe another time.

Nick said...

One of your best reviews yet! Loved reading it. By the way, there will be food trucks at the Waterlily Concert Series at The New York Botanical Garden -- it made me think of your blog! Check it out:
Last Thursday evening was a big hit with Gorilla Cheese, Kimchi Taco, and Andy's Italian Ice! (The music was pretty good too.)

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