Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I went to Felidia the other night for mom's birthday.  Felidia was opened by  Lidia Bastianich and her husband Felice, thus the combo-name.  Our party of five was seated at a large square table right in the front window, away from the main dining room.  At first it annoyed me to be near the door, but in the end the table worked out really nicely.
Obviously I had been drooling over the online menu all day and upon arriving I already knew that I was going to have.  An unforseen truffle menu threw me off for a few minutes but I was eventually able to stay on course.  I ordered a chicken liver starter with mushrooms, onions and pate, and a pappardelle primi with braised shredded Hudson Valley duck and mushroom.  I also tried a bit of some other apps floating around the table, including the pear and pecorino-filled ravioli and a daily special of veal tartare with tomatoes and fresh mozzarella. (yes, I eat veal.)
I'm having trouble finding anything negative to say.  I was a little nervous about the chicken livers but they were soft and delicious in a brown sauce with onions.  The pate was perfectly sweet.  The portion was very generous but I ran out of crostini for the pate quickly.  It always annoys me when I order something dip-ish and do not receive enough dipping vehicles. (i.e. chips and salsa, guacamole, spin-artichoke dip, you get it.)  

I was expecting the pear ravioli to be very sweet, but in fact the pear was toned down and made for a light combination with the pecorino.  The tartare was garlicky and I didn't eat any of the tomato, (actually, after a strong cocktail and an intense love affair with chicken liver I'm blurry on if there was tomato involved but I know for sure I didn't eat any) but it was very nice with the fresh mozzarella.  Very light.

My pappardelle was presented al dente with the braised duck and mushrooms in a brown sauce, sort of like a delicate ragu.  I didn't try any of the other entrees on the table because I was too busy letting duck melt in my mouth and talking about Michele Bachmann and Casablanca.  SOOO bouge.

I had raspberry tapioca and sorbet with pannacotta for dessert.  I only wished that the little baby pannacotta was the main event of the dish; it's my favorite.

Overall, we all agreed that this was a delicious and very pleasant dining experience.  The service was attentive, helpful and friendly.  We weren't seated in the main dining room area, but it looked kind of squished back there, so in hindsight our placement was perfect.  It was an expensive evening, but if that's what you're going for, I definitely recommend it.  I want to go back again for the chicken liver NOW.  And the truffle menu, and the ravioli.

Felidia: 243 E. 58th St. between 2nd and 3rd. (212)758-1479


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