Saturday, September 10, 2011

Kabano's Polish Deli

On my 150 minutes on the train every day I distract myself from misery three ways: reading, sleeping, and looking out the window.  I've spent a lot of time staring out the window of the Babylon line of the LIRR over the years now and I have been continuously intrigued by the backside of Kabano's Polish Deli.  It backs up on the Copaigue station and during the summer months you can see into the kitchen through the back doors that open onto the parking lot.  I finally mentioned it to dad, who commutes sometimes also, and he said that he has had the same thoughts!  We resolved to go and check it out, and did today. For lack of a better idea, we drove west along the railroad tracks until we found it.
When we stepped through the door we basically stepped into Poland.  Everything was in Polish and everyone was speaking Polish.  We took a few minutes to figure out what was going on, and finally ordered one tongue head cheese with butter sandwich and one kielbasa, sauerkraut and mustard sandwich.  Both came on rye.  I got a beer and we also grabbed a pack of potato pierogies and a large cut of kielbasa for the fridge.
We retreated with our paper bags to the car.  Yeah, we drank a beer in the car.  Arrest me.  The smell of garlic wafting through the paper filled the car before we could even break the sandwiches out.  Opening these paper packages of goodness was like opening a new camera or pair of shoes on Christmas. (Do I have a problem?)

This is dad's head cheese:
The kielbasa and kraut: 
The sandwiches were freakin' delicious.  Mom and I didn't order mayonnaise but found it on our sandwich anyway.  Normally this would annoy me, but in this case it added to the experience.  The kielbasa was sliced paper thin and the bread was so soft and fresh.  I split the 'wich with mom, and after one half I found myself wishing for more.  When I've had kielbasa in the past it has usually been of the cheap, food-store variety and eaten plain in centimeter thick slices.  Kabano's unprocessed kielbasa was such a welcome change.  I would, like, go there again tomorrow.
Here are the pierogies and kielbasa en route to their new casa, my stomach.

A Polish woman told us that there were more Polish stores around the corner.  We found more delicatessens and a bakery, where we bought a poppy seed loaf.  Kabano's site says the cold cuts are made on premises.  This food is definitely worth a trip to Copaigue; go there.

Kabano's Polish Deli: 515 Oak Street, Copiague, NY 11726. (631) 842-3999


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I always see that too! Mmmm.

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