Thursday, January 19, 2012

Golden Krust, Jamaican Me Sad

I can't believe that in all of my four years eating at pizza places in the Bronx I never had a beef patty.  I guess I was just never quite sold on the yellowy golden crust when there were so many great pizza choices in front of me.  I do however remember repeatedly passing the Golden Krust stand in Grand Central and being intrigued by their list of tempting patties.  Golden Krust is a Caribbean bakery with various locations in the boroughs and in food stores, and a location in North Amityville on Long Island that I visited last weekend.

My roommates and I ordered a curried goat meal and three patties: shrimp, jerk chicken and mild beef.  We decided to stay with the food in the dingy and cold but colorful store and we were sitting ready to eat in around five minutes.  Here are the facts: the patties were under-stuffed and not hot or crusty.  All of the fillings were over-spiced and the chicken was unidentifiable.  The shrimp were tiny and drowned in curry.  These weren't good.

The goat was tender but also over-spiced and FULL of bones.  I know bones add flavor in the cooking process but in the small section of the container with goat, half was of the volume was bones.  There was no unique flavor to the meat.  All we could taste was seasoning, which didn't even seem to involve curry powder.  The rice was acceptable but there was way too much in proportion to the meat, and the cabbage and plantains were forgettable.

Although the patties were $2.00 and under, they were so boring that I wouldn't go out of my way to get them again.  I'm curious about whether they might be of better quality in different locations, but I don't think I'll bother finding out.


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