Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Kimchi Taco Truck

Marissa and I couldn't resist the Kimchi Taco Truck when we ran into it on 14th St. in front of Trader Joe's the other day.  We shared the three tacos for $7 deal, starring, from left to right: one Grilled Korean BBQ Short Rib, one Spicy Seared Pork and one Tofu Edamame Falafel. 
There was a small crowd at the truck but our order was made quickly.  We both had bites of each beautiful taco and the critics agreed: the short rib was bliss, the pork was good and the falafel was misguided.  I liked the pork a lot until I bit into the short rib; next time I would order three of the short rib and skip the others.  The corn tortilla was small but it was stuffed to the brim with tender and nicely marinated sliced beef, kimchi slaw and crema.  It wasn't overly spiced but it left a nice bite and the marinade was like an explosion of all that is glorious and wonderful in this life, in your mouth.  

Moral: If or when faced with this truck while walking the streets, get the shortrib!

Kimchi Taco Truck: See site for locations: http://kimchitacotruck.com/findus.html


EMILY said...

i love tacos

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