Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lunch at Pastrami N Friends

Today my roommates and I had lunch with pastrami and friends at Pastrami N Friends Kosher Restaurant in Commack. We longed for fresh rye, fatty pastrami and knishes. I went with the #3 combo brisket, pastrami, cole slaw and Russian dressing sandwich and a Cel-Ray celery soda, Dad went with pastrami and egg and Mom with a simple pastrami on rye.  
Right away a good amount of cole slaw and a bunch of assorted pickles were brought to the table. My favorites in the world are bright green and crunchy new dill pickles that are kind of half way between being a pickle and a cucumber. The cole slaw was really nice; it was very moist but not too mayo-y.  The cabbage was shredded finely and tasted fresh. The pickles were bangin'. We ate all of ours, but you have to wonder what happens to the ones that don't get eaten after a table leaves. I definitely don't think they get thrown out... 
My sandwich was huge of course, but a little disappointing. The bread wasn't as fresh and soft as I hoped. I remember the fresh rye at Kabano's was like eating a cloud; I didn't get that here. The brisket and pastrami were both sliced very thin but were quite dry. The pastrami was very lean and super salty but the brisket was not; in a bite with both the salt was cut nicely. However, we missed the juiciness of fatty pastrami with this lean cut. The cole slaw and Russian dressing were kind of unnoticed on the sandwich. Dad's pastrami and egg was interesting but just nothing amazing. Mom had the pastrami without the advantage of the brisket so it was just salty. Our knishes were lacking the characteristic spice that the potato filling needs, and they were cold.

Overall we were a bit disappointed with Pastrami N Friends. Our meal was overpriced at around $50 and I was not impressed by our un-helpful waitress.  The dark dining room was crowded though and the friendly owner explained to us that apparently the place was just written up in Newsday.  He said he was unprepared for the heightened service.  I don't think we would make the trek up to Commack again for Pastrami N Friends.

Pastrami N Friends: 110A Commack Rd., Commack. (631) 499-9537


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