Saturday, March 17, 2012

Datte Foco, A Pizza and Love Joint

I'd read a bit about Datte Foco in the Stoke Newington area of London on a few blogs, and since Charlie lives quite close to Stoke we decided to take the walk over one night. Datte was opened recently by two Italian brothers who learned how to make pizza in Rome. They have brought the Roman price-by-weight institution to London -- you eye out how large you want them to cut each slice, and they weigh and price it later. Kind of dangerous. Charlie and I went for a few slices to share, including potato and cheese, mushroom, two different sausage ones and a birra moretti each.
We were quite surprised by how crispy the crust of each slice was. It was nice to have a little crunch on the bottom but cushion on the top. I would have liked the slices to be a bit hotter, but all of the toppings were really good. My favorites were the potato and the sausage and pepper slices. I could tell that the ingredients used were of good quality. We used chili oil on the slices to add a little kick. I think I remember the pizza in Rome as foldable. Long Island has made me a natural pizza-folder, but there was none of that at Datte.
Our meal was super cheap and the service was good. We took a table in the back and the friendly staff brought our food back to us. The place was not crowded, perhaps because of its Stoke Newington location. There is no tube to Stoke, allowing for a quiet and quaint little high street leading into the main thoroughfare down to Dalston. I would definitely pop in again. This was the most authentic pizza I have had in London for sure, and it was nice to see a casual stay or go joint in London, where most are used to seated service.

Datte Foco: 10 Stoke Newington Church St., N16 0LU, London


Patrick Curran said...

Yes I agree. Great review by the way. Datte Focco for me also is the best and most authentic Italian Pizza in the British Isles. I agree it is very good value too. Its great to see how passionate the staff in this restaurant are about the quality of their product. They always have the finest ingredients and toppings and the crispiest crust. Datte Focco always has a great atmosphere too. They have nice records playing and the staff are very friendly. The atmosphere is genuine, fun and contagious. I think with the success of their first restaurant we will be hearing a lot more about Datte Focco in the coming years. I dont think it will be long before they will be branching out and opening more restaurants. I hope this is the case as I would love to have one near me. Long continue the ascent of Datte Focco.

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