Thursday, March 8, 2012

Doritos Locos Taco

Newsflash: the Dorito taco at Taco Bell has finally joined us in this world. And: it could be better. Denise and I waited on the drive-thru line for about 15 mins just for this baby and the cashier confirmed our suspicions that the newcomer has been a huge seller today.
It comes in a cardboard shell to protect your fingers from orange dorito-ness. Besides the pimped out shell, this is just a regular hard taco and sells for $1.40. I never order hard tacos at T-Bell but this one was way too salty and the fake cheese with real cheese combo was not really working in a positive way. It seemed even saltier than Doritos from a bag.
Ways it could be better: (Listen up T-Bell)

1. Cool Ranch Dorito instead of Nacho Cheese.  Instead of saying, here's some more fake cheese and salt, a Cool Ranch shell will say: here's some ranch. Let's face it, ranch is good on EVERYTHING. Rumors are that this shell is in the works.

2. Dorito Double Decker. Throw a soft shell around this baby and buffer between shells with refried beans and you have a winner. Not only will the orange-ness be out of the way of the eater's fingers, but the extra soft shell and beans will tackle the saltiness of the Dorito shell.

3. Nacho Cheese. I stand by the statement that any item at Taco Bell will benefit from the addition of T-Bell's own hot nacho cheese.

Please do not mistake this constructive criticism for negative feelings toward Taco Bell. I'm still helplessly obsessed with it. This new taco just simply will not be replacing my beloved and now extinct Nacho Cheese Chalupa. RIP.


Anonymous said...

i vote for cool ranch

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