Sunday, March 11, 2012

Easy Cheddar and Gruyere Mac and Cheese

Mac and cheese and Taco Bell are basically my favorite foods. Isn't that funny? Charlie and I made a BBC Good Food version of mac and cheese when we were lazy one night last week before going to the theater to see my true love, Zac Braff, in his play, All New People. The recipe called for the below trio of cheeses, a boat load of milk, a tomato, some flour, dijon mustard, butter and bread crumbs. And pasta. My classic favorite elbow macaroni is like super elusive in the UK apparently, so we went with cavatappi.
I hate grating cheese. We were meant to create a roux with the flour and butter and then mix the heated milk in slowly until the sauce thickened. We screwed this up, but ultimately it didn't really matter. Our milky mixture didnt get thick until we added all of the cheese and the al dente cooked pasta. 
We let this thicken for a min or two on low heat and then poured it into a casserole. Charlie had frozen homemade breadcrumbs to which we added a bit of parmesan and sprinkled on top. Finally the dish got hit hard by sliced tomatoes and went into the oven for like 15 mins. To get the browning process happening we put the broiler flame on for a few mins at the end.
Sometimes mac and cheese can be so heavy and debilitating to the rest of your day. I did not find this true of this recipe. It wasn't super creamy or sharp. I think the nuttiness of the gruyere cut the sharpness of the cheddar. It wasn't a typical yellow american mac and cheese, but more of a gourmet, grown-up version. I think both types have their purposes. When it comes to mac and cheese, I hope I never grow up.


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mac and cheese is the best.

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