Friday, March 30, 2012

Mike's Lunch: An ode to toasties

Mike's photo of his salad from Toasties came with a manifesto to the chain sandwich and salad shop so I'll let him speak for himself.
Well said. Truly an honor to hear from you, salad expert Mike. I happen to like the consistency of the salads from Chopt, but I guess that's just me. I rarely eat salad.I recently had my first Toasties experience. I was super overwhelmed by the menu and the long line but decided on the Russian, a hot sandwich with ham, turkey, swiss, thousand island and cole slaw. I love slaw on a sandwich. I got it in a spinach wrap. The 'wich was good but there was just too much damn meat. It would have been great with a little more slaw and less turkey. I would try something else next time. The line moved quick and it was under $10 so it's a solid option for midtown lunch.


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