Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tommy's Lunch

Tommy sent me his review of the Slow Roasted Berkshire Pork sandwich from 'wichcraft. My 'wichcraft experience is limited to one binge-ful day on which I consumed 'wichcraft for breakfast AND lunch. My TV inspired love for Colicchio remains after that day, and I can only say that he melted my heart even further with his fried eggs, bacon, gorgonzola and frisee sandwich. I had the Berkshire Pork for lunch, and although I found it a bit dry, Tommy did not seem to have that problem. I'm happy to believe that mine was a fluke. 

Here's Tommy's run-down:
Pros: Delicious, such good flavor from the pork, the bread & butter pickles were a nice balance, the bread was fresh and not too doughy, it was filling, although I thought size was going to be an issue. Cons: Price (but that's New York), and it was a bit messy so it definitely does not allow for a working lunch.
I think I need to experiment further with 'wichcraft. And anything Tom Colicchio. I'm looking for volunteers to bring me to Craft or Colicchio and Sons. Hit me up.


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