Tuesday, July 10, 2012

JT's on the Bay and Disappointment

Last weekend my roommates and I went to JT's on the Bay in Blue Point.  We had been waiting to try this since the end of last summer and expectations were high. We tried to ignore recent claims from friends that it wasn't so good, but we found out that in reality, it wasn't so good. We started with lobster tacos, shrimp cocktail and steamers. 
Although heaping with meat and tasty overall, I thought the lobster got kind of lost underneath the mango, avocado and lime creme fraiche in the tacos. Most of the steamers were a good medium size, but I found a few sandy that hadn't been purged. Ed's shrimp cocktail was a total miss. The shrimp were large but totally bland and kind of overcooked and soggy. You can't do shrimp cocktail? Like WTF?
For mains, Ed had Blue Point beer battered fish and chips, Denise had swordfish with a creepy cheddar polenta and I went with a southwestern seafood shephard's pie off the specials menu. The batter on the fried fish was lame and bland and Denise's polenta had kind of a scary, play-doh texture. My shephard's pie was tasty and had big chunks of lobster, shrimp, scallops and crab, but the mixture was quite gooey like an overly thick bisque. Mom's enjoyed her fish so I guess reviews were mixed.
Basically, we won't be going back to JT's, which is a damn shame because the spot has quite a nice outdoor setting on the bay. I didn't really mind having to use paper plates and plastic cutlery due to water waste laws, but I noticed that others had brought their own silverwear and beer glasses. I don't really care what I eat off of, but I do prefer to enjoy my beer out of glass, not plastic. Whatever. Around the corner from JT's, Flo's still reigns supreme.

JT's on the Bay: 1 Curtis Road, Blue Point, NY. (621) 363-2205


Unknown said...

oh man.. I love that place but never ate there..my friends band plays there all the time :(

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