Monday, August 6, 2012

London 2012 Olympics: What you're all wondering about

Team GB (most annoying nickname ever) has recently pulled it together and crept up on the Olympics medal count boards. That's great, but you know what I always say: athletes shmathletes. Forget about displaced families and corporate entrapment. The real question is: does the London 2012 Olympic food get the gold? I went to London to find out.
I know you like that gray sky. Before I watched Brazil crush Mauritius in women's Beach Volleyball at Horse Guards Parade in central London, I went for a sandwich from the roast stand. Choices were pork with apple sauce, chicken with pineapple salsa or roast beef with horseradish. I was worried beef might be dry so I went with pork, which was kind of dry itself. The roll was really bready, but the gooey apple chutney substance helped moisten up the whole affair. The most redeeming quality of the sandwich was a bed of rocket nestled below the shredded pork. This was the first day of the games, so it could have been much worse.
A few days later, during a break between games of the women's Basketball around 10 pm, I was ready to hit the bangers (sausages) stand within the basketball stadium in the Olympic Park in Stratford. The stand was out of food by then, however, as were all of the other food stands except for the Caribbean one with jerk chicken. No thanks. Bummer. Great planning people. (If you type in dancing sausages on google images, the below is what you get. It's a potentially dangerous search, but fruitful. I added the strikeout.)
At my third and final event, Athletics, I left my seat around 8:30 for a pastie, which is basically like an English empanada. We were met with a huge line but in about 15 minutes we got to the front, only to realize that they were bringing like 5 pasties out of the kitchen at a time. SLOWWWWW. We wanted steak and onion and cornish ones, but all that was available was lamb and mint. Minging. It was actually OK though. It didn't taste much of lamb or mint, but the ground meat and potato combo was filling enough. The whole thing was really freakin' hot, and the dough was quite moist and tasty.
I'm willing to award the Olympics food a silver medal. Pros were a diverse selection ranging from fish and chips to curries. Cons were long lines, high prices, food shortages and poor management. When it comes to stadium food, I'm quite easy to please. Anyone wanna pay me to go to Russia or Rio in the next few years to compare?


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