Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tramshed does a few things right...

...including huge, perfectly cooked (almost uncooked) steaks, moist, flavorful chickens and greasy, rosemary tinted fries. 

If you want variety, don't look here. Mark Hix's Shoreditch, London outpost, Tramshed, limits the options to a few communal starters and chicken or steak, both served with chips for mains. I went on a Saturday night with Charlie's family and the six of us ordered starters for four, one whole chicken, a one kilogram steak, chips, onion rings and a small salad of minted peas and green beans. 

The starters that came were delicious. We shared silky, whipped chicken liver pate with yorkshire pudding, a fresh tomato and aubergine salad and smoked salmon with fennel and samphire, all for £7.50 each. The chicken arrived topped with stuffing and with feet still intact on a bed of chips, and the steak came with another two bowls of chips. Chicken gravy and bearnaise sauce were served as well. We just kept eating until it was all almost gone. This is definitely a place to share. 

The hipster-ific service was attentive (we are in Shoreditch, after all) and the atmosphere was loud and fun. Art, provided by Damien Hirst, included a shrine-like real cow and chicken in his familiar formaldehyde tank style, and a huge painting of ridiculous cartoon characters, Cow and Chicken. How appropriate.
Go here with a big group, sit in a big booth, and let Tramshed do its thing.

Tramshed: 32 Rivington St., London EC2A 3LX. 020 7749 0478
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