Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Meat at Mangalica & Társai Húspatika

Húspatika's slogan is "I Feel Food!" I like that cheeky attempt at an English play on words. On our first night in Budapest we told our hippy hostel dude that we wanted to eat Hungarian food. He directed us to Húspatika down the road from our place. It's a butcher shop and restaurant specializing in meat from the Hungarian curly-haired pig species. Hungarians love meat.

We ordered a dish of pork chop, grilled potatoes, roasted peppers and yogurt sauce to share. The front of house chef pounded the pork chop and tended to it on a window front grill. All of the components in this simple dish were tender and delicious. We also shared a Confit Shoulder Blade Roast sandwich with mushroom sauce and peanut oil. It was satisfying at the time but ultimately kind of forgettable.

While we were eating we saw so many people come in and buy cured meat from the case, so a few days later we went back to try some for ourselves. The cured mangalica was inexpensive; it was only about $2 for what you see below. It was salty and VERY smokey. And smelly. I prefer Italian cured meats for sure.
Anyway, if you're in Budapest, hit this place up for some meat! We were the only non-Hungarians in there, but most of the waitstaff spoke English and there was an English menu. And it's pretty cheap. That pork chop dish at the top was the equivalent of like $8, and the (big) sandwich was like $4.50. All the cool kids in Hungary eat curly haired freak pigs, so you must take part.

Mangalica & Társai Húspatika: 1111 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 50.


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