Friday, December 7, 2012

I Made Mrouzia

I was inspired to make Mrouzia, a traditional Moroccan lamb dish characterized by sweet honey and almonds, by a tweet and photo from Saveur magazine. I love lamb and am always up for some tender, slow-cooked meat. I took elements from the Saveur recipe and also from the NY Times and three hours later, bam: sweet, spicy, tender lamb over tri-color couscous. Look at that presentation, people. Ugh. I kill myself.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Burnt Ends and Danger at the John Brown Smokehouse

A few weeks ago after a shoot in Long Island City, a few of my colleagues and I decided to check out the lauded John Brown Smokehouse just around the corner from that day's loft location. Reviewers rave about the burnt ends (the fatty and charred tip of a brisket) so I went with that. It comes with a side for $11. I chose mac and cheese, but also nibbled on others' collard greens and cornbread. Add a huge Weiheinstephan Hefe Weiss and I'm good to go. 
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