Wednesday, March 27, 2013

At Salvation Taco, Get the Torta

It's never a great sign when people recommend you get something different than the food item that is in a given restaurant's title. The tacos at Salvation are tasty; I will not deny that. The Moroccan lamb naan thing is inventive and my friends really liked the curried cauliflower. But two overarching themes of our brunch on a quiet Sunday in the Pod 39 hotel's colorful lounge were, "these portions are tiny," and "whoa, that is effing spicy." At $3 for the cauliflower taco, this contender rings in around NYC's taco pricing average, but the filling was sparse and inconsistent from taco to taco. The lamb on soft naan was yum but $5. I could get more food for $5. 

Thus, I say go for the torta. For $11 you can have a braised short rib sandwich on a nice Portuguese roll that, while not as big as at your favorite street cart, is still a decent size and weight. (We should always judge food by weight, no?) The beef is tender and everything else just kind of tastes like spicy mayo, in a good way. There was also inconsistency here, though. Those two tortas in the top photo are the same type of torta. Could you tell? Nah. We need to work on quality control.

So, Salvation, either lower your prices a tad or make your food bigger. Replace that slow waitress (and kitchen staff.) Maybe lay off the spice just a tiny bit. Work out these newcomer kinks, and I think you'll have something good going on.

Salvation Taco: 145 E. 39th St. (In the Pod 39 hotel.) (212) 865-5800 Salvation Taco on Urbanspoon


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