Thursday, March 14, 2013

Guys, it's Pi(e) Day

Guys, it's pi and pie day and I'm scared because for lunch I went to Pie Face which is an Australian meat pie chain and my last day at work is next week and I'm moving to Australia without a job or an apartment or a dream and I'm scared. Will I be good at making coffee? Will a cheese shop take a chance and hire this novice cheese enthusiast? Will I end up selling my hair to pay rent like Fantine?

NAH. I'll probably just put my best skills to work -- pizza box folding -- and find some joint looking to hire a real live New Yorker to sling slices at unknowing lay folk. That being said, if any of you loyal readers have any con-tacks you wanna throw my way, be my guest!
To celebrate pie day and my move I got lunch at Pie Face. When I got there they had close to zero (0) pies, and I didn't want to wait. SO, I went with what they had. I got a bacon, egg and cheese pie and a mini bbq pulled pork pie. I wanted to go with a thai chicken curry pie or something lunch-y, but I love bacon, egg and cheese anything so it was copacetic. The mini pork pie was sooo tasty, but the filling was more sweet sauce than pork. I was expecting some shredded pork and maybe got A shred. The bacon, egg and cheese was supposed to have tomatoes in it. Do you see tomato or an adaquate amount of bacon to merit "bacon" in the title? No, me either. The filling was creamy and eggy but that's it really.

These pies were over $8 together for not much pie. That's not very celebratory.

I must say, Buzzfeed is really taking the cake (!!!) this pie day for featuring two bangin' looking pies: strawberry-sweet pea pie, and mac and cheese and bacon pie. AND I JUST SAW ANTHONY BOURDAIN ON THE STREET #DYING. BYE.

Pie Face: 1691 Broadway at 56th street. (212) 247-9065


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