Thursday, April 25, 2013

McDonald's Asia has Grilled Chicken Twisted Pasta...

...for breakfast. In fact, they have it at every meal, but I was most disturbed to see this choice gracing the limited breakfast menu in the Hong Kong airport. Alongside normal McD's breakfast offerings like sausage egg mcmuffin and hot cakes, customers are also faced with fliet o'fish sandwich and this bowl of cavatappi, corn, chicken and broth. What's worse is that instead of chicken, this dish also exists with egg and sausage on top. K? 

Of course we had to try it. Curiosity got the better of us. We rounded up our last $23 HK and made it happen. It came steaming hot in a lidded styrofoam bowl, and turned out to be packin' more flavor than expected. The chicken was marinated in some Asian-y soy sauce flavors and the foggy broth was pretty salty, but the corn added sweetness. I expected the pasta itself to be apalling/overcooked, but it actually wasn't too bad. Charlie thought it was a "c-lassic brekkie." I have no idea how many calories it was because this dish does not exist anywhere on the Internet. Good sign. I mean, if it's between this or a sausage egg mcmuffin for breakfast again, I'll prob go egg. But it's not an awful option. Just sayin'.


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