Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fish and Chips and Beauty in Williamstown, VIC

Such is my first post about Australia. My one month here so far has been one of searching for a home and a job. It's expensive here, and we're starting to feel the anxiety of unemployment, so the last week or so has been all about what we can do around the area for cheap. Last Saturday, that quest took us to the Prahan Market and for a walk up Chapel St., and then on a free walking tour of the CBD, the Central Business District. On Sunday, we took a little train trip to Williamstown, a suburban area overlooking the Hobson and Port Phillip Bays with gorgeous views of the Melbourne skyline and some really nice coastline paths. 
Breathtaking. (That's saracasm, But it was quite pretty.)
After taking in the view, it was lunch time, obv. Top of the Bay Fish and Chips was perfectly located in a position where we could sit outside and still enjoy the view. We went for fried sea bream and fried scallops. Both were really nice; the scallops were our favorites. The batter was nice and light, but a bit prone to falling off the meat.
After getting to see the Sea Shepherd boats that make their home in Williamstown (SO COOL,) we continued down and walked around the tip of the picturesque peninsula, and back to the train for just about a 40 minute ride back to our inner-suburb Brunswick, located north of Melbourne. Williamstown was a great place to wander around on a sunny day. I'd love to go back and get my tan on in the summer, which is NOT just about to roll up to the Southern Hemisphere. So please refrain from posting on FB or Twitter about how amazing the weather in NY is, and how much you love Robert Moses beach. Thanks!

Top of the Bay: 1 The Strand, Williamstown, Victoria, Australia 3016 (03) 9397 7404 Top Of The Bay on Urbanspoon


Andrea said...

Don't forget sunscreen when you do tan..

Anonymous said...

Or even better yet, stop tanning. Just looking out for you. :)

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