Monday, May 13, 2013

Markets of Mong Kok, Hong Kong

I don't think you should say that you've truly been to Hong Kong until you've had a few hours wandering around the frenetic neighborhood of Mong Kok. Travel north on Nathan Road until you hit Mong Kok, and then let the sights and smells suck you in. Actually, it smells pretty putrid, but if you can get past that, there are some great photo opps, shopping stalls and street morsels to indulge in. 

Tung Choi Street is home to what is known as the Goldfish Market. Shop after shop line their walls with fish tanks or even just clear plastic bags bulging with fishes. It's bustling with active buyers, too. I never knew there there was such a market for aquarium fish but this must be huge in Asia. There are also sad shops with puppies and lots of little turtles and weird frogs and things. No joke, it stinks. Charlie almost keeled over. But it's pretty! (and probably unethical.)
But then you can refresh your nostrils at the flower market! Flower Market Road smells great and has lots of buds -- some familiar looking and some exotic. It's on the way to the Yuen Po Street Bird Garden...
...where people are kind of mean to birds and also unfriendly to other people. Kind of a sad scene to be honest. I dubbed this place the worst place in the world. I mean, a toucan should not be in a cage, right? I don't feel so bad for the smaller birds but, a toucan, people. Come on. Also, be sure to ask before you take photos. Some of these old men are grouchy.
Calm your nerves on a walk down Fu Yuen Street, a market full of fake everything from Cath Kidston to Goyard. End up south of Argyle Street back on Tung Choi, and stroll through the Ladies Market. Again, lots of fakes here. Good for phone chargers, hand bags, phone cases, and Kate Moss x Supreme tee shirts. Find the above bubble tea place on the corner of Shantung Street and Tung Choi and go for the peach green or passionfruit green. You'll be glad you did.


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