Friday, May 24, 2013

We Made the Best Lamb Kofta Wraps Ever

This dish was inspired by our need to use up a left-over half head of red cabbage, and somehow turned into one of the best meals we've made in a while. Beautiful. I've never really had kofta but my general understanding is that it's minced meat on a stick cooked on a grill. Ours took the form of lamb meatballs. Above you can see our shiny new $50 Ikea kitchen table (all white errrything,) which will be on sale in about 8-10 months. I'll start the bidding at $30. 

To make your kofta, mix lamb mince, one egg, some breadcrumbs, a chopped red chili, one grated red onion, one minced garlic clove, a bit of chopped parsley and like one teaspoon of cumin or a little more. It would damn nice to own a mixing bowl. Don't be afraid to use ya hands. Some other recipes include mint, which sounds good. 
Roll the meat into cute little rippers, but not too tight! You don't really want a dense meatball, do you?  Keep it loose. 
Put the balls in a hot pan with oil and flip them when they start to get nice color on each side. Pay attention! Go soft on the tongs when you flip. Don't want to crush the little buggers. 
When they're pretty evenly colored in about 15 minutes, they're done. You can always check by taking a cheeky bite of one. But take caution, they're hot!
Wrap up four or five meatballs in a nice flat bread. We used a generous spread of baba ganoush, more chopped chili, some gorgeous, salty feta, a squirt of lemon juice and some sweet and sour cabbage we whipped up. For the cabbage, just heat up a few tablespoons of vinegar with an equal amount of sugar. When the sugar melts, turn off the heat and add the shredded cabbage. Let it sit for about 20 minutes, and give it a toss every now and then. 

We both basically ate in silence because we were awestruck with how good this was. The salty feta and sweet cabbage were perfect complements to the lamb, which could have used just a pinch more cumin. We have a ton of leftover balls and cabbage, so we'll just get some fresh breads in a few days and devour the rest. 

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Atanya said...

that. looks. so. good.
looks like you've settled in to your new city nicely! I miss that feeling of moving some place new.
have you tried vegemite yet? thoughts?

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