Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tiba's Lebanese: Our New Favorite Late-Night Food

After visiting Tiba's one time for a late-night falafel wrap and realizing that the place was poppin' off even at like 10pm, we resolved to return to try the big plates of kebab goodness that we saw heading out to crammed tables of devout followers. At that moment, $15 for a main just wasn't doable for us, but once we secured jobs we knew where we wanted to splurge.

For, like, $15 you get this huge dish of lamb shawarma, hummus, tzatziki, rice, pickled turnips, green salad and tabbouleh salad. And unlimited flat bread. You can watch your loyal shawarma-shavers in the window carving off tender bits of lamb and tossing it onto the grill where it gets combined with sliced onion and tomato and slathered with some kind of sauce. I'd skip the starters like the fried kebbeh and grape leaves because, honestly, they're not amazing, and you're going to need a lot of room for your "lamb shawarma serve." English is shoddy here and service is brusque, but look around and survey your fellow patrons, and you'll know you've come to the right place.

That dinner was great, and you can imagine our delight when we figured out how perfectly Tiba's sits between Bar Etiquette and our house. Basically, by the time Bar Etiquette stops serving cheap pints at 9pm, we're drunk and in prime condition to support Tiba's on the way home. The lamb shawarma is even better in a wrap than on the plate. They shove a ton of hummus in there and lots of garlic sauce, lettuce, turnips tomatoes and send you on your way dripping delicious juices out the bottom of the wrap. Let's just say that Chaz just had to re-polish his shoes to cover up the evidence of that sinful decision. I may have found shawarma on my jacket a few days later too. Just saying.

Tiba's Restaurant: 504 Sydney Road, Brunswick, VIC, 3056. Phone: 9380 8425
Don't try to BYO here. Alcohol is not allowed.
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