Sunday, October 6, 2013

Coral Resort Bakery: Birthplace of My Pie Obsession

The most intuitive of you will be thinking that the beach isn't really the best place to be eating fatty, cheesy, gravy filled beef pies. I mean, in this environment you're almost obligated to wear a bathing suit and pies aren't exactly slimming. And it's kinda hot out to be consuming steamy baked pastry. But to that I say: don't ever skip the pies if you find yourself in Coral Bay, Western Australia. And, invest in a good one piece.
If you're like Charlie and I, you'll drive through the red desert for hours to get to the oasis-like, palm-lined, one street of Coral Bay, knowing full well that the 1.5 supermarkets in town will have no fresh food and self-catering will be nearly impossible. You won't be organized enough to bring your own supplies, thus, you'll almost definitely have to eat your meals out. 

There are just three restaurants in Coral Bay, all expensive, and none amazing. Fins Cafe is a good dinner option, but for a quick lunch, Coral Resort Bakery is your best bet. It's in the only shopping center (containing four stores). You can't miss it. In Australia, you need to take a break from the sun at midday, anyway, if you don't want to die of skin cancer at the age of 35. No ozone up there.
It is hard to tear yourself away from the pristine beach at Coral Bay, but don't miss these pies. They're all tucked up in the warming cabinet, sparkling behind glass, waiting to be lovingly consumed... by me. We split three for lunch one day and went with classic beef and cheese, curried beef and reef and beef. 
My only Aussie pie experience before this was at Pie Face in NYC back when I was concerned that I may have to sell my hair like Fantine, so I don't have much to compare Coral Resort Bakery to, but trust me, these are great. Beefy stew is piping hot, layered over melty cheese and all wrapped like a great gift in a flaky, but sufficiently structural, crust. I love how each pie is a different shape and has different crust decor to differentiate. You can just tell they were made with care. Beef and cheese was so good, but I think reef and beef was the winner of the three. The same saucy beef was layered over tender prawns in white sauce. Curry beef was my least favorite, and just kind of boring. :(

On Australia's Coral Coast you can't really look forward to many great restaurants, but you certainly can get your hopes up for a delicious pie amongst splendid natural beauty. More on our ten day driving itinerary, to come.

Coral Resort Bakery: Coral Bay Arcade, Robinson St., Coral Bay, Western Australia


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