Friday, February 7, 2014

Mr. Earl is Fun

That Mr. Earl contacted me to try their monthly tea delivery service directly after I purchased a very exciting manatee tea strainer (mana-tea) for Charlie for Christmas may just have been a small miracle and major photographic fate: tea to use in Charlie's Floridian strainer, and an excuse to show off said strainer. Bingo. That my sample January box arrived in the middle of a four-day 111F/44C (gotta keep both camps happy) heatwave was not a miracle. I wanted to die; hot tea was not a priority. Just thinking about tea made me melt. 

When I finally did dig into my sleek, compact Mr. Earl box, what I found was a great gift idea and a really fun way to learn about tea. Here's how it works: each month, the tea-lovers at Mr. Earl choose three diverse loose tea samples to send out, along with a pretty little instructions sheet for each tea. My box came with a French Earl Grey, an organic Fresh Mint and a Kenko matcha tea powder (exciting!)–these are not your Lipton bags. 
Not only does the lucky recipient receive wonderful, fresh, fragrant teas (in a quantity that seems like enough for 4-6 cups per bag), said recipient learns what exactly they're supposed to take away from that tea, and how to brew it perfectly. I'm into it. 

I think it would be kind of weird to purchase this package for yourself, because, let's be honest, who signs themselves up for a product-of-the-month club? I picture, like, a super-introspective woman trying to fulfill a new year's resolution to treat herself better buying this. That said, if you do sign yourself up, good for you–you're gonna enjoy the tea. Otherwise, it makes a great gift. I feel like it's a mom gift. But if you're English, also a dad gift. It's versatile, OK? 
You can sign up for tea delivery for one, three or six months, and if you're bored during or after your tea consumption, you can visit Mr. Earl's site to rate your tea and read what others are saying about their tea-of-the-month. Cute little social aspect there. 

When Emily from Mr. Earl contacted me to see if I would sample and review her product, I told her I was hesitant because I didn't want to commit and then have to endorse a bad product. She said that's exactly how it should be, and I can actually say that I do like Emily's product. I think her little tea business is sweet, and I'm happy to help spread the word. 

[Disclaimer: I received this product free of charge from Mr. Earl. I have not been compensated further for this review.]


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