Thursday, June 26, 2014

Almost Certainly Singapore's Best Wurst

**DISCLAIMER: Just because I'm writing about German food during the USA v Germany World Cup game doesn't mean my soccer allegiances are towards my semi-European heritage. I do love a good German meal, though.

Charlie had some serious food poisoning in Malaysia and by the time we left Malaka for Singapore, we were ready for some Western food. But by Western food, I don't mean the awful pizza and pasta you can get in any tourist destination in the region. I mean sausages. German ones. Ironically located in one of Singapore's iconic hawker centers where almost 100% of stalls sling Asian food, Erich's Wuerstelstand provides just that: German classics as offered by the country's next-door neighbor, Austria. Erich's premise may seem out of place, but he's actually got a real corner on the market considering his claim that his is the last sausage kiosk before the equator. That's hard to contest.

Now, don't mistake Erich for German as I've taken to inferring and don't ask him for weisswurst – he told me that's only German, not Austrian. Instead, go for his bratwurst, offered various ways. I went for currywurst and Charlie opted for a link with all of the fixings – mashed potatoes, sauerkraut, mustard and plenty of gravy. We had some rye bread too, but you should skip that.
The mash may exit Erich's custom machine before the water and instant powder has properly puffed up, but that doesn't mean that it's inadaquate. In fact, I can personally attest that when all you've eaten for the past two months is Asian food, you'll be more than glad to settle for instant mash. (Speaking of instant mash...)

Erich's bratwurst was plump, moist and grilled perfectly to a stripey brown crisp. I commandeered some sauerkraut and it was nice and acidic. Did you know that humans should basically eat sauerkraut with every meal? Apparently the fermentation does wonders for our digestive systems. Really gets things started down there.
My currywurst was just as good but perhaps less satisfying. A large sliced link was doused in the same gravy as the more traditional dish and then topped with sweet curry powder. I instantly wished I went for the same as Charlie though because at the moment I wasn't exactly lacking curry spices in my daily diet, but Erich's product was tasty all the same. 

Let me just emphasize, these are REAL sausages in a land where ordering sausage gets you something that's essentially a hot dog. Ordering sausage in SE Asia lands you with a link of rubbery processed meat and although that CAN be satisfying, that satisfaction definitely comes with embarrassment whenever another foreigner (even your boyfriend) clocks you enjoying something that resembles a low-quality hot dog at breakfast time. Erich also does muffins, and though I didn't try them myself, I trust his discerning central-European taste.
Please let me also just emphasize that if USA and Germany are to draw and proceed together, I'll be peachy pleased.

I leave you with this image of the nightly public senior citizen karaoke that takes place just outside of Erich's little hawker stall. Treat yourself to a bratwurst and a show.

Wuerstelstand: 5 Banda St, Singapore 050005 +65 9627 4081


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