Saturday, November 22, 2014

Tim Ho Wan: A Safe Place for Food Nerds

Skipping Tim Ho Wan in Hong Kong is one of my biggest regrets in life along with overfeeding my childhood cat to the point of diabetes (#YOLO, life's too short, RIP Curtis) and being too lazy to become a marine biologist. When I was there on my way to Australia in April 2013, I should have bit the bullet and made Charlie get out of bed early enough to line up outside the Mongkok location hours before it opened so that I could experience the world's least-expensive Michelin-starred restaurant for myself, but I didn't. I gave into jet-lag and a lazy boyfriend. I clearly didn't want it enough, so I'm not sure how or why I got so lucky as to have one more chance to eat the famous dim sum when I got to Singapore almost a year later. Tim Ho Wan now has four Singapore locations. Obv wasn't going to pass it up again, line or no line.
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