Monday, December 15, 2014

Taco Bell's Steak Quesarito

I'm just about finished processing my recent three months in India and let me tell you – things are crazy out there. When I left the country in late August I was pretty ready to return to the West and we'd all be joking if we pretended that I was more excited about eating anything on my return than I was about Taco Bell. I'd actually been separated from the sweet, sweet Mexi-junkfood for 17 months since I was in Australia for a year before India and that isolated country has yet to be enlightened. Seriously, I had dreams about nacho cheese while I was gone. It's finally time to get acquainted with all of the exciting new menu items I've been missing over the last year and a half. I.e., an entire breakfast menu. I started with the highly anticipated quesarito. 
Now, it's probably important to note that one of my regular TBell order items is a steak quesadilla and I expected some similarities between the two. It was immediately obvious that this thing is more weighty than your typical TBell burrito, probably because there are two tortillas involved here and lots of extra cheese. Between two of these burritos and the other things we got (cheesy gordita crunches, you know it) our carry bag was suffering some serious strainage and that's when you know things are getting real. It's fine.
If my opinion on this behemoth wasn't fully formed after eating just one, a second test told me all I need to know. This guy's full of steak, some random grains of "Latin rice", sour cream and cheese, and between those two perfectly grilled tortillas rests both shredded cheddar and – here's the clincher – nacho cheese sauce. Yes, that orangey gold that flows freely from a small plastic cup if you splurge the $.45 it takes to get a side order and enhance any menu item in this promised land. This isn't listed by name as an ingredient in the burrito on, but if that's not nacho cheese oozing out of there, Idk what is. 

At first, I was a bit taken aback by this discovery. You mean to tell me that Taco Bell has moved away from its typical quesadilla formula to create a different 'dilla for especially for this burrito? But I love TBell's original 'dilla – the "creamy chipotle sauce" is the best part! says that there's chipotle sauce inside the burrito, but after two occasions, I've yet to see the proof of that. The quesarito does have a smoky spice to it, but it's missing that signature tangy taste that makes the chipotle sauce great. If it's indeed in there, TBell needs to up the amount. There's never enough. Next move's on you, Taco Bell.

So, after the initial shock set in, I guess I just accepted that this quesarito is not an upgrade replacement for my beloved quesadilla, rather an addition to my ordering arsenal – a new soldier to be combined with the rest of my line-up. You could order the quesarito AND a quesadilla and it wouldn't be overkill, because these two have little in common. Would I order it again? Well... yes, I think I would. It's a good contrast for a cheesy gordita crunch, if you can get past just how many calories you're consuming by putting the two side by side.


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