Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Smack Deli Breaks From The Traditional Lobster Roll Game

Billed as the "naughty little sister of Burger and Lobster," the naughtiest thing about Mayfair's new-ish Smack Deli is the blatant disregard for lobster roll tradition and the lack of focus on diner experience. The "deli" just off of busy Oxford St. offers four types of exotic lobster rolls, a lobster chowder, an in-shell one-pounder, a de-shelled pot of meat and a side of courgette fries. The prices are much more reasonable than those of the store's (well behaved?) older sister, yet they fluctuate whether you choose to eat in or take out. That's pretty typical of casual London places as there's no tax charged if you take food away, but opt to dine in and you can expect the bill to be a couple of pounds heavier. 
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