Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Ten Courses at The Clove Club

During what Charlie calls my "Annual Festival" in which my birthday and Valentine's Day collide on the same day to give me an excellent excuse to reap the celebratory perks of both holidays spread over three to five days, we splashed out and went to London's Michelin-starred Clove Club for a five-course tasting menu. We sat for maybe 10 minutes before Charlie suggested we just eff it and for go the £95 ten-courser instead in what was perhaps his most daring display of affection to date. It was the right move.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Tiger Prawn Sambal Belacan

London smells OK, has all the functions expected from a first-world country (like trash collection and 24-hour electricity) and def has some good food, but I'd still trade it for the smelly streets of Asia. Roaches and all, I'd rather be eating fresh seafood in Bangkok right now, or char kway teow on the streets of Singapore. One thing Charlie and I really grew to love in Malaysia was greens – kang kong, morning glory, anything green – tossed with sambal belacan, a typical chili sauce with the salty, pungent addition of shrimp paste. 
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