Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Today, Charlie and I had sandwiches at Saltie in Williamsburg.  The original plan was to hit up highly-regarded Forcella for pizza but when we got there we found out it's not open for lunch.  On our way down Metropolitan we came across Saltie just in perfect time to step out of the rain, and I recalled reading about one of their sandwiches on Real Cheap Eats.  We stepped into the small shop to a greeting from one of the girls behind the counter.

There were around seven sandwich options, mostly nautically named, and a bunch of other little pastries available. Charlie went for the Spanish Armada with potato tortilla and pimenton aioli, and I went for the Balmy with chicken liver pate, ham, jalapenos, mayo, pickled vegetables and sesame seeds.  You can currently put anything with pate in front of me and make me happy.  We left a name and waited for about five minutes for our food to be made just behind the counter in plain view.  
Both sandwiches were big and came on soft, salted focaccia bread.  Mine looked quite messy and intimidating but it actually held up quite well.  It had a good amount of pate spread on the bottom slice of bread complimented by a light spread of mayo on the top.  There were whole sprigs of cilantro and mint, onions, carrots and sliced scallions;  all seemed fresh.  The sliced ham was present but seemed a little lost.  All of the strong flavors came together really well, and upon the first bite I realized that the name balmy was a play on similarly composed and flavored, banh mi.  This sandwich was so good and I was pleasantly satisfied when it was gone.  Charlie's sandwich had a good slice of tortilla which was mostly potato chunks merely held together by egg.  The spicy aioli was a nice addition.
My sandwich was $10 and Charlie's was $9, which seems like a lot, especially for his.  While we sat on the tiny stools eating we saw a delivery sacks of fresh veggies from a truck that said Finger Lake Farms, which makes me think that this is literally farm-to-table food.  That is worth paying a little extra for a sandwich, but let's face it, you can buy a bus from New York to DC for $8 a ticket -- a 4.5 hour ride could be cheaper than either of our sandwiches.  Kind of redic, but water was free so I guess it all evens out.  By the time we left the place was packed with characters who were willing to pay the $10 per sandwich, so I guess there is no incentive to lower prices.  There is talk on Yelp of rudeness of the workers at Saltie, but we didn't think they seemed hugely unpleasant.  

I would go to Saltie again, and I would get the Balmy again but not the Spanish Armada.  I would also like to try the Ship's Biscuit with egg and ricotta.  This place was perfect for a quick lunch and worth the splurge for a sandwich once in a while.

Saltie: 378 Metropolitan Ave at Havemeyer St., Brooklyn, NY.  (718) 387-4777
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