Friday, February 24, 2012

let's do lunch

Emily just sent me this photo of her lunch.  It's a salad, in a jar, that she will proceed to dump into a bowl and toss with her favorite dressing. My guess is something with balsamic. Isn't it cute?

Emily says the jar keeps her salad fresh and makes her look ultra hip in her work environment. She didn't say that last part but I bet that it's accurate.  Anyone with salad in a ball jar is cool in my book. Too bad I don't have enough will power to eat a salad unless its doused in some kind of cream based dressing.  Emily likes hers with grilled chicken, red peppers, cucumber, broccoli and hard boiled egg.

This just gave me an idea. I'm gonna try something here.  If I get no feedback I will know that I have no readers or that no one cares.  BUT: send me a picture of your lunch. (My email is on my about page.) Make it a good picture otherwise I may just submit it to and laugh.  If it's interesting, maybe you'll see it here! This could be your chance at 15 mins of fame, with fame meaning that like 5 people will see your lunch.


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