Monday, March 26, 2012

Emily's lunch

EMILY IS THE ONLY PERSON WHO SENDS ME HER LUNCH. You may remember my plea for participation here. Let's just say the overwhelming lack of response has sent a clear message. Charlie sent me his once or twice but that's because he has to
Anyway, Emily likes to buy small dishes at Dean & Deluca and stretch them for the first few days of each week. She brings some mini bread slices to top it off. Today she went with wild rice and orzo with cranberry salad. "I enjoyed the cranberry pieces because they gave some flavor to a normally boring rice combo," Emily said. "Dean & Deluca allows customers to try salads before purchase, so I knew I wouldn't be disappointed. I have lentil for tomorrow, and orzo again for wednesday. nomnom"

Send me your lunch or we're not friends.


GrlsGotStyle said...

HAH i wish i had interesting lunches to send! will try to do this for you next week ;)

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