Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tacos I've Recently Loved

Dude, if you don't like tacos, I think you're an alien. I love a good one, and these here are some good ones:

Wahoo's Fish Taco: A coworker told me about Wahoo and I finally got there after a few hours at the Rink Bar one day. The menu was a little overwhelming in my slightly altered state, but I settled on a combo of one fish and one shrimp taco with white rice and black beans. I also ordered a Tecate. We sat down to wait for our food and I immediately regretted not ordering the svelt looking onion rings that were repeatedly passing by. A dude (the waiters are like transplant skater dudes from Cali or the Vans Warped Tour) came to tell me they didn't have Tecate so I got a Pacifico instead. He also said we could have a round on him since they didn't have what I wanted. At this point I was dreading more beer but any other night that would have been a bonus.
The tacos came not to much longer after the beer. I was a bit underwhelmed by the amount of filling in the tacos, but otherwise they were so tasty! I like to split the two tortillas if possible and make each taco into two tacos. Do other people do this? Sometimes there's just too much filling and I don't like to get messy. The huge portion of rice and beans was delicious as well.  I think my whole meal was like $13 and the atmosphere was chill and friendly. I will definitely go there again.

Eggstravaganza Cart Steak and Egg Tacos: I'm not an alien and thus I love tacos, and I LOVE eggs. I could eat eggs for two meals of the day. Yesterday I did! (I had quiche for dinner.) And today, I got a gorgeous box of blue heirloom eggs as a freebie at work! They are beautiful and perfect and I can't wait to see how orange they are inside. I love eggs.

Naturally, any food place called Eggstravaganza sounds like a delicious party to me. I trekked to 52nd and Park and got two steak and egg tacos for $8. 
The steak and eggs were scrambled and cooked together and topped with onions, green guac, a bit of melted cheese and a bit of hot sauce. I love these. They were stuffed full but I couldn't split into 4 tacos because the shells were broken a little. I eat a lot but probably could have been full from one. There are other cool combos on the menu at Eggstravaganza too like Mexican grilled cheese. 

Tell me about your favorite tacossssssssss. There are so many out there!

Wahoo's Fish Taco: 333 Park Ave S. (212) 466-3330

Eggstravaganza Cart: 52nd and Park


James Ragusa said...

Calexico Carne Asada in Red Hook (they also have a truck). the best.

Elspeth said...

I've heard great things about Calexico! Gotta catch the truck one day.

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